SurGU: Study Medicine in English in Surgut State University
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Study Medicine in English at Surgut State University

About Medical Institute

In 1994 Surgut State University began training students in General Medicine. About 1,500 Medical Institute graduates of SurGU over the last 25 years work in Russia and abroad. Currently the University is a part of educational, research and biomedical cluster of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra including Department of Healthcare, Department of Education and Youth Policy, University clinical bases. The concept of continuous medical education has been fully implemented at SurGU: pre-university education (school “Young Medic”) – medical college – specialty – internship – residency – fellowship – postgrad.

Medical Institute gives an opportunity to carry out research at the scientific and educational Centre of molecular genetic research and biotechnology transfer, laboratories of genomic, postgenomic technologies, mass spectrometry, cell technologies, and multiphoton microscopy. Research-based University facilities provide fundamental medical training based on Medicine 5P approach (preventive, predictive, personalized, participatory, and precise).



SurGU is a member of the Association for Medical Education (AMEE). Also University is actively involved in a variety of academic mobility programmes.

The partners of SurGU are Lomonosov Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University, Tyumen State Medical University, Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan), National Center for Biotechnology (Kazakhstan), Fraunhofer IMM Mainz (Germany), Uniklinik Jena (Germany), University of Twente (Netherlands), ETH Zurich (Switzerland).

About Program 

Degree: General medicine specialty;

Curriculum: General medicine curriculum;

Duration: full-time, 6 years, 2 terms with summer and winter vacations;

ECTS: 360 credits, 60 credits per academic year;

Languge of instruction: English.


The language of instruction is English.

General Medicine Curriculum includes courses in Russian and Professional Foreign Language (Russian) during the study period.

Medical students are offered a wide range of resources and study facilities in English for the subjects within General Medicine Curriculum. University library also provides access to fulltext databases and reference databases.

General Medicine Educational Programme is based on the approach combining high quality medical training by the top specialists in different fields of medicine with comprehensive education methods in natural sciences, social and economic disciplines, mathematics and humanities and students’ participation in research projects. 

The training of future doctors in biological and pre-clinical courses is carried out in the first two years. Within this period the students study Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Anatomy, Histology, Cytology and Embryology, Physiology, etc. Along with medical and biological subjects the students study History, Philosophy, Russian and Latin.

In the third and the fourth years the students study clinical disciplines: Propaedeutics, Pathological Anatomy, Pathophysiology, General Surgery, Pharmacology, Hygiene, etc. The classes in clinical courses are held at 27 University clinical bases and Simulation Training Centre.

From the 1st year of studies students have various practical training (educational and clinical) held in the local health care facilities in June-July. The graduates are awarded diplomas of General Practitioner after successful passing of three-stage State Final Attestation. The programme graduates are prepared to pursue preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, educational, and research careers; they can continue their education in an internship, residency, or doctoral programme in post-graduate professional education programmes.

Entrance examinations conducted by Surgut State University independently

Foreign citizens entering the University by specialty "General Medicine" under Contracts on providing paid educational services for the educational programmes in the English language, have to take two Admission tests on general subjects: Biology and Chemistry.

Since the list of Entrance examinations for foreign citizens entering the University by specialty "General Medicine" under Contracts on providing paid educational services for the educational programmes differs from the list of Entrance examinationsfor other persons, the University independently allocates the number of competitive places for foreign citizens and holds a separate competition for these intake places.

Steps to Admission here.



Nataliia Kavushevskya
PhD in Biological Science
Senior Lecturer of General Pathology Department
+7 (982) 190-65-15

Denis Tyagunov
PhD in Medical Science
Associate Professor of Morphology Department
+7 (922) 259-01-47

Liudmila Kovalenko
Professor, Doctor of Medical Science
Director of Medical Institute
Head of General Pathology Department
MBA in Public Health
+7 (3462) 76-30-50