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To ensure high quality education for scholars through academic, scientific and innovative activities, providing significant contribution to protect social rights and interests.


Director – Doctor of Law, Professor
Dmitry S. Dyadkin
Contact information:
Tel. + 7 (3462) 76-29-34
E-mail: lex.dds@gmail.com


Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Associate Professor
Yuriy M. Usoltsev
Contact information:
Tel. + 7 (3462)76-28-99
E-mail: yusoltsev@yandex.ru


Deputy Director for Science
PhD (Law), Associate Professor
Larisa A. Popova
Contact information:
Tel. + 7 (3462)76-29-72
E-mail: pla@law.surgu.ru


Deputy Director for Extra-Curricular and Social Work,
PhD (Law), Associate Professor
Julia N. Strazhevich
Contact information:
Tel. + 7 (3462) 76-28-97
E-mail: sun@law.surgu.ru