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We provide Nature Science education in Yugra. We train highly qualified specialists to solve the strategic tasks of the region. We aspire to be a leading innovation institute, the best in innovations and cooperation with business and production circles.


Director of the Institute,
PhD (Chemistry), Associate Professor
Yulia Y. Petrova
Contact information:
Tel.: +7(3462) 76-31-52
E-mail: yyp.71@mail.ru


Deputy Director for Science,
Doctor of Biology, Associate Professor
Viktoria V. Kozlova
Contact information:
Tel.:+7 (3462) 76-30-78
E-mail: kvv@bf.surgu.ru

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs,
PhD (Chemistry)
Ekaterina V. Sevastyanova
Contact information:
E-mail: sevastyanovaev@gmail.com


Deputy Director for Extracurricular Activities,
PhD (Biology)
Aleksandra A. Sokolova
Contact information:
Tel.: +7(3462) 76-30-78
E-mail: aa-sokolova-ietn@mail.ru