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Surgut State University

Surgut State University is located in the city of Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, Western Siberia. It was founded in 1993 on the initiative of the Government of Ugra.

The University combines six educational Institutes employing seven hundred people of academic and teaching staff.

There are over seven thousand and five hundred of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students at the University. SurGU provides many undergraduate, master and postgraduate programmes in the following areas: Engineering, Science, Law, Medicine, Humanities, Economics and Management.

The University cooperates with the secondary schools and colleges of Surgut and Surgut district providing them with the training courses in Programming, Operating Systems Administrating, Chemistry, and Electrical Engineering. Such cooperation gives the pupils an excellent opportunity to choose their future profession.

Surgut State University is a member of the University of the Arctic (UArctic Association), Eurasian Universities Association (EUA) and the Association for Medical Education (AMEE)

The University offers a wide range of the well-equipped facilities including Supercomputer Centre; Medical Simulation Centre; Research Laboratories in Robotics, Energy and Electrical Technology, Petroleum Chemistry, Multi-Channel Communication and Switching Systems. The University Laboratories and Interdisciplinary Centres accomplish the most important applied research projects specified by the Local Government: Petroleum Chemistry, Synthesis of New Substances and Materials, Environmental Science, Healthcare under the Northern Conditions, Biotechnology, Modelling of Complex Natural Systems, and Computational Hydrodynamics. The research projects are supported by the grants of the Russian Fund for Basic Research and the grants of the Local Government.

Surgut State University is an essential city-forming enterprise of Surgut - the most significant city of Ugra - with approximately 400 thousand residents that make 25% of the okrug’s population. It is one of the leading providers of highly qualified specialists for economic and social spheres of Ugra.

The Local Government regards the University as a centre of economic diversification of Ugra based on modern research and innovations. Therefore, the Governor decided to create the innovation and educational complex – Campus (with research and educational facilities, as well as innovation support infrastructure) – on the basis of SurGU.

The primary goal of Campus is to become the centre of high-quality education, groundbreaking scientific research, culture and sport so that to play a significant role in scientific and educational activities of Ugra. Another objective is attracting the companies and investors for making cooperation with the University with the purpose of enhancing the research and development activities and attracting talented scientists and students.

It is supposed that Campus will boost the economic development of the region by means of employing the intellectual and scientific staff from all regions of Russia, and training highly-skilled specialists in order to meet the employers’ requirements at the regional, national and international levels.