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The Scientific Library of Surgut State University

Pages of History

The Scientific Library was opened simultaneously with the foundation of Surgut State University – on September 21, 1993 – the date of making the first record in the Registry book about the fact of receiving 929 publications as a gift donated by the Scientific Library of Tyumen State University. The rapid development of the University required the enormous efforts of the Library team for providing the educational process with literature and information services.

By the end of 1994, the Library Fund numbered about 30 thousand copies of books. At that time the electronic library catalogue was created, and 16 computer workplaces were organised for the readers. In 1997, the Library Divisions were opened in all buildings of Surgut State University. In 2008, the Library moved to a new place designed with open access to the book funds and all modern information technologies. At that time the Library Fund numbered over 400 thousand copies of books.

You can find more information about the history of the Scientific Library of Surgut State University here.


Library Today


Our Mission is to provide prompt and high-quality access to the extensive information and educational resources for all categories of users based on modern, streamlined support of the research, educational and cultural activities aimed at training highly qualified specialists in Surgut State University.

Nowadays the University Library is the most significant scientific library in Ugra which occupies the area of about six thousand square meters. Specialised reading rooms are organised according to some principles in order to provide a library fund with open access, special places for reading books, exhibitions, recreation areas, and workstations.

It is a modern information and resource centre for students, graduate students, lecturers and staff of the University; students and pupils from schools, lyceums, gymnasiums; people from business, cultural and scientific communities of the city and the district.


Library Resources


The Library Fund involves more than 680 thousand units of storage. The scientific periodicals contain more than 300 titles. The electronic catalogue includes more than 250 thousand records. Wi-Fi throughout the library, possibility to work with electronic resources from any computer or gadget with access to the local network or the Internet gives unlimited information opportunities to the library users.


The remote access for readers is open both to the resources of the University Library and the most significant domestic and foreign information centres and libraries. They are as follows: Electronic Library System of Educational Programmes; Scientific Electronic Library; Scopus and Web of Science databases; Electronic Library of Dissertations of the Russian State Library; as well as the full-text and bibliographic domestic and foreign databases.


Cultural and Educational Events

The Scientific Library is an extensive open area for cultural and intellectual life and the communication centre of the region.

It regularly hosts the events attracting the attention of the city public and the media. The library provides bibliographic support for the University and City Projects related to scientific and educational activities.

The Scientific Library takes a unique place in the University environment as a keeper of history and culture.

The Museum of Book contains the original documents from the Library's core collection, some rare publications from the history of printing and various exhibits related to the history of reading and writing.