SurGU: General Medicine
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General Medicine

Surgut State University is a part of educational, research and biomedical cluster of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra including Department of Healthcare, Department of Education and Youth Policy, University clinical bases.

The concept of continuous medical education has been fully implemented at SurGU: pre-university education (school “Young Medic”) – medical college – specialty – internship – residency – fellowship – postgrad.

Medical Institute gives an opportunity to carry out research at the scientific and educational Centre of molecular genetic research and biotechnology transfer, laboratories of genomic, postgenomic technologies, mass spectrometry, cell technologies, and multiphoton microscopy.

Research-based University facilities provide fundamental medical training based on Medicine 5P approach (preventive, predictive, personalized, participatory, and precise).

General Medicine Educational Programme is based on the approach combining high quality medical training by the top specialists in different fields of medicine with comprehensive education methods in natural sciences, social and economic disciplines, mathematics and humanities and students’ participation in research projects.